Federal Courts Law Review - Board of Editors

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Editor in Chief
David A. Sanders
N.D. Mississippi
Editors in Chief Emeriti
Carol Heckman 1997-1999
Sam Joyner 1999-2005
John M. Facciola 2005-2007
Boyd N. Boland 2007-2014
Executive Editor
Mary Pat Thynge
D. Delaware
3rd Circuit Representative
Articles Editor
John H. Rich III
District of Maine
John M. Facciola
D. District of Columbia
D.C. Circuit
Circuit Representatives
1st Circuit
John H. Rich, III
D. Maine
6th Circuit
Michael J. Newman
S.D. Ohio
9th Circuit
Elizabeth D. Laporte
N.D. California
2nd Circuit
Lisa Margaret Smith
S.D. New York
7th Circuit
Iain Johnston
N.D. Illinois
10th Circuit
James P. O’Hara
D. Kansas
4th Circuit
John Anderson
E.D. Virginia
8th Circuit
David D. Noce
E.D. Missouri
11th Circuit
Gary R. Jones
N.D. Florida
5th Circuit
Christine Nowak
E.D. Texas
At Large Editors
Douglas E. Miller
E.D. Virginia
Robert Collings
D. Massachusetts
Jeremiah J. McCarthy
W.D. New York
Joel Friedman
Jack M. Gordon
Professor of Procedural
Law & Jurisdiction
Tulane University
William I. Garfinkle
D. Connecticut
Katharine Parker
S.D. New York
Ira Robbins
Barnard T. Welsh
Professor of Law & Justice American University
Thomas D. Rowe, Jr.
Elvin R. Latty
Professor of Law, Emeritus
Duke University
Andy Johnson-Laird Technology Consultant

Valerie Couch
Dean, Oklahoma City
University School of Law