Federal Courts Law Review

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FEDERAL COURTS LAW REVIEW -- 2001 Fed. Cts. L. Rev. 1

The 2000 Amendments to the Discovery Rules

By Richard L. Marcus


[a.1] In response to various complaints from the bar and the public, the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules of Judicial Conference of the United States appointed a discovery subcommittee in October, 1996 to determine whether modest changes could be made to the Federal discovery rules to reduce the costs of discovery, to increase its efficiency, to restore uniformity of practice and to encourage the judiciary to participate more actively in case management. Professor Marcus was appointed Special Reporter for that discovery subcommittee. Professor Marcus was integrally involved in the ensuing four years of meetings and public hearings. He reports here on the changes, including the controversial mandatory disclosure which is now made nationally uniform. His familiarity with and discussion of the Committee notes is especially valuable

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