Federal Courts Law Review

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FEDERAL COURTS LAW REVIEW -- 1999 Fed. Cts. L. Rev. 3

JUSTICE AT THE JUNCTURE: A First Look at the Final Term of the Supreme Court in this Millennium (October Term, 1999)

By Erwin Chemerinsky


[a.1]  The number of potential blockbuster cases on the Supreme Court’s docket for October Term, 1999 is notable, especially in light of the overall small number of cases in which review has been granted. The Court will review at least two cases involving federalism, the area of the Rehnquist Court’s most dramatic changes in constitutional law, as well as cases in criminal procedure, habeas corpus, First Amendment issues, civil rights, and the meaning of key statutory provisions. This article highlights these cases, points up their significance in light of previous developments, and discusses their potentially enormous impact.

[a.2]  This article covers cases in which the Supreme Court has granted review through mid-September 1999. A follow-up article covering cases in which review has been granted subsequent to September 1999 will be published early in 2000.

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